Our experience and technology at work for you.

Our Mission

“Establishing long-term relationships with our partners, customers and suppliers through ongoing commitment to support them achieve their goals”.

We offer much more than just transporting their merchandise … With us you achieved a breakthrough in the control of their shipments. By combining the use of our systems development, integration of information generated by all participants in the supply chain in one place, and with the use of our module CCL, you have control permanently the status of their shipments.

Our difference

Our experience and infrastructure, coupled with the tools developed allows us to offer a UNIQUE solution to market needs optimization, integration, control and automation of international logistics operations. In INLOG we offer much more than a transportation service, we offer a whole series of developments and supports so that you have control and quiet in your logistics chain of import and export.

We invite you to compare us with your current provider of transportation, and once and for all take control of your operations and your life!.

Visibility + Action = Better Operation

Best Operation + Better Control = Less Stress

How we got started

We are a company founded in 2002, dedicated to the development of international logistics solutions, specializing in the ground transportation of any goods in the NAFTA region. Extending coverage to the control and coordination of maritime, rail and air transport to and from Mexico. We are committed to bringing peace and control to traffic areas and logistics companies using technology and teamwork.

We have all the licenses required by law to offer the matchmaking service to transport you to be sure your load is being handled professionally, and we also have the re-registration as a freight forwarder, we can do the maneuvers transfer in our installations, and that requires us to have insurance for that purpose. Your cargo is secured when maneuvered by us. Confirm who move their cargo counts with it.

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